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We are willing to build a global gaming space where people from all over the world can play poker without any limitations. We're building Total Poker to provide the whole poker community with Total Control over the game
Why Players Choose Total Poker?
Beautiful game
Players enjoy near-real experience of interaction with chips and real-life look of elements thanks to 3d effects
2,5% - the lowest rake
The Rake at Total Poker is as low as 2,5% rounded down - so there is no rake for the pots under 200 chips
User-friendly interface
The game is easy to start for a new player and has portrait orientation for comfy one-hand control
You don't have to wait until the next month to get commission for players you attract. Get paid immediately with players' deposits
You will earn additional revenue from all players in your downline. That means that if players you attract start generating new players, you will get their rake too
Никаких сложностей как при ведении клуба, нужно просто общаться с другими игроками и привлекать новых
Immediate revenues
Multi-level partner program
No boring management
Why Become Total Poker Partner?
What are Total Poker Partners' revenue streams?
50% of PLC deposits
The first Partners will get up to 100% of revenue from PLC deposits in reve
Referral system commission
Every community member earns commission from players downline
Node commission*(in future)
Every community member can be a node owner and earn commission
Where to begin?
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Make real money
Whom are we looking for?
Poker Players
Active members of popular poker communities (chats, forums, reddits, etc.) and everybody who has friends playing poker
Public and media persons, bloggers, Youtube and Twitch streamers - everyone who has popular social media profiles and who regularly communicate with large audiences of people
Creative&Talkative People
Students, drivers, housekeepers, white collars, workers, etc. - people of all professions and activities and just talkative people who knows how to attract more players to Total Poker an wants to start making money
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