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All your answers in one place
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PlayChips (PLC)
Q. What is PLC and what can I do with it?
PLC (abbreviation from Play Chips) is our in-game virtual currency and is used to play Total Poker.
Q. Is PLC a cryptocurrency?
No. It's used as an internal game currency in our mobile game Total Poker.
Q. Will there be an ICO?
No. We're interested in creating a successful long-term business focusing on product creation. While launching an ICO often requires the team to focus on marketing activities leaving no time to actually develop a great product.
Q. Are PLC traded at some exchange?
No PLC is an in-game currency like any other coins, gems, etc., that you might be used to in other games. It isn't available at any exchanges.
Q. Can I get PLC for free?
Yes, you can complete some quests in the game and earn PLC for free. If you need additional PLC, you can buy more in the game.
Blockchain & ecosystem
Q. What is blockchain used for in Total poker?
Blockchain has two main functions:
1) it makes Total Poker fully decentralized - there will be no single operator, that controls everything, but the whole ecosystem will be under control of poker players communty;
2) it stores all PLC transactions and Total Poker operations - so you can be sure that everything is fair.
Q. What does full decentralization means for poker players?
There will be no single authority that controls everything. Ecosystem will belong to the community of poker players. Imagine a world where there are no more "House" that usually wins, and the winners are always players - that's what we're creating.
Q. Will your blockchain become open?
Yes. We're planning to make the blockchain ecosystem opensource. That means the total transparency: anybody will be able to check any game operation and make sure that the game is fair.
Q. Is Total Poker Ethereum-based game?
No. We don't depend on Ethereum technical limitations and don't allow any existing cryptocurrencies in our game. We're creating our own blockchain ecosystem based on Bitshares.
Q. What poker games will be available?
The first available game will be No-limit Texas Holdem. Our ecosystem will be open for more games when we make blockchain opensource.
Q. Is it possible to cash-out at Total Poker?
Nope. Total Poker is a Social Casino game designed as non-gambling product aiming at delivering funs and great emotions with no opportunity to win money or get prizes of real value.
Q. Can I win something at Total Poker?
The only thing you can win at Total Poker is PLC :) We don't have monetary prizes or prizes of value.
Q. How can I get Total Poker?
You can download it from Google Play or get for iOS via official Apple app Testflight.
Q. How can I create an account?
Registration in Total Poker is super easy: you simply enter a username and password twice and you're done! That's so easy.

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