Total Poker Game Rules
Terms of Use
As admitted on September 03, 2018
These Rules of the Game "Total Poker" (hereinafter -"Rules") are mandatory for all users of the game "Total Poker" and regulate the relations between you (hereinafter – "You"or"User") and LLC "Total Games"(hereinafter- "Company") in connection with using the mobile online game "Total Poker" (hereinafter - "Game"). In addition to the Rules, the Users shall also comply with the License Agreement and other Regulatory Documentsof the Company in relation to the use of the Game.Control over compliance with the Rules is implemented by the Company and its authorised representatives (jointly - Administration).


1.1. These Game Rules are applied to the User's use of the Game and other Game resources, as well as game chats (if available) provided by the Company via third-party messengers designed for electronic message exchange exclusively within the framework of the use of the Game.
1.2. The Rules determine the conditions of using the Game, including regulating the rules of User's participation and behavior in the game, limitation of User's actions in relation to the Game, as well as the User's responsibility for violations committed.
1.3. Your use of the Game is regulated by the License Agreement posted at, these Rules, as well as other Regulatory Documents (if present).
Please, read the contents of these Rules and the documents specified in sub-clause 1.3 carefully.
1.4. Your use of the Game resources by any permitted means, including registration of the Account in the Game, start of the playing process in the Game and downloading of the software offered for downloading in Google Play, the reference to which is posted, in addition to other locations, at, confirms your unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of these Rules and other Regulatory documents.
1.5. By accepting the terms of these Rules, you acknowledge that you have reached the age necessary to use the Game in accordance with the applicable law; otherwise, registration in the Game and its use are not allowed.
1.6. The rules of the Game can be altered by the Company at any moment without prior notice to the User. Any changes of the Rules introduced unilaterally by the Company shall become effective on the day following the day of posting such changes on the Company's Website at:
User's continuation of using the Game after update of the Rules of the Game is considered as acceptance of such update.
The User is not entitled to use the game in case of disagreement with the changes implemented in the game. In this case, the User can terminate the Agreement unilaterally within ten (10) calendar days after posting the information about changes in the Agreement at the Website of the Game by deleting the Game with preservation of the liabilities and responsibility of the User, which arose prior to deletion.
1.7. The Company reserves the right to limit access of any user to the Game and other Game Resources at any time in case of any violation of the Rules of the Game, License Agreement or other Regulatory documents of the Company. In such case, limitations in relation to the User can be applied to the User in the Game and Game Resources simultaneously at the Administration's discretion.
The Administration is entitled to alter or delete any information posted in contempt of the Rules of the Game, License Agreement and other Regulatory Documentsof the Company.
In particular, the following limitations can be applied to the User:
  • blocking of access to the Game for a term from one day to indefinite term;
  • withdrawal of gaming achievements, as well as cancellation of Rights for non-activated data and commands, including the rights to use in-game currency PLC if they have been obtained in contempt of these Rules, License Agreement, otherRegulatory Documents of the Companywithout any compensation (including returning the Account to the condition preceding the violation).
Repeated and multiple violations entail stricter limitations, including indefinite blocking of the account and other limitations provided in the Regulatory Documents. The Administration is also entitled to alter or delete the information posted by the User in contempt of these Rules, License Agreement and other Regulatory Documents.
1.8. The terms used in the text of these Rules shall be interpreted according to the meanings specified in the License Agreement.


2.1. In order to obtain the right to use the Game, the User shall independently download the Customer's portion of the Game to mobile device from Google Play, the link to which is posted, among other locations, at create an Account in the Game (hereinafter – "User Account"or "Account").
2.2. User's Account in the Game is created with the help of the combination of the User's unique name (hereinafter - User Name or Login) and the unique secret password (hereinafter - Password) (Login and Password are jointly referred to as "Account Data"). The number of characters in the Login shall not exceed 30 (thirty) characters.
2.3. The User's Account in the Game is accessed with the help of the Account Data.
2.4. The Account is created by the User independently, except for the cases when, under the agreement between the User and the Company for the purpose of obtaining the Right to use Additional Functionality of the Game by the User, the Company transfers Account Data for the Account created by the Company to the User, and this Account is used to access non-activated data and commands. In this case, the means of transferring the Accounting data is agreed upon between the User and the Company.
2.5. The User undertakes to be solely responsible for any use of the Game with the use of the Account Data, as well as not to disclose the Account Data to other persons or allow third parties to use its Account.
2.6. The User shall preserve secrecy and confidentiality of its Account Data at any time and use best endeavors to preserve such secrecy and confidentiality. The User is solely responsible for any unauthorized use of the Account Data that will be considered committed by the User. Any responsibility arising in this connection is borne by the User.


3.1. At thediscretion of the User, the Company provides the User with the right to use non-activated data and commands on the basis of a simple non-exclusive license.When obtaining the Rights for non-activated data and commands, the User receives the Rights to use Additional Functionality of the Game. The Company unilaterally determines the types and contents of the Additional Functionality of the Game. 3.2. The User obtains the rights for non-activated data and commands after making the License payment, as well as in other cases provided for in the Regulating documents. The rights for non-activated data and commands are considered provided to the User from the moment of display of the In-Game Currency (PLC) (hereinafter - In-Game Currencyor "PLC") created within the framework of the game at the User's in-game account in proportion to the cost of the volume of the rights to use Additional Functionality of the Game chosen by the User. Starting from this moment, the User obtains the right to use the volume of the non-activated data and commands displayed at the Account. The amount of the License Payment for the Rights for the Additional Functionality of the Game is determined by the Company unilaterally and posted at the Company's Website at or in other form, in particular, on web pages of the operators of payment methods.
3.3. In-Game Currency has no estimated monetary value and cannot serve as means of payment; the only way to use the In-Game Currency is to exchange it for in-game items used by you (hereinafter - Chips). PLC cannot be exchanged for cash or any other values except for Chips during the normal gaming process even if such possibility is not used by you when you have it.
3.4. You can exchange PLC for Chips or Chips for PLC within the game process. In this connection, you acknowledge that you can only perform these operations with the In-Game Currency.
3.5. Exchange of the In-Game currency for Chips is performed at your own risk. The Company does not guarantee that (i) you will be able to use the Chips over unlimited or desired period, and (ii) characteristics or intended use of the Chips will not change during the term of effect of the Game or conform to your expectations or desires.
3.6. When exchanging PLC for Chips, you realize that (i) your access to the Game and other Game Resources can be terminated in accordance with these Rules, and (or) (ii) the Game or other Game Resources can cease to exist at any moment of time due to any reason, and it doesn't allow you to demand compensation of the License Payments made for the provided Rights for the use of the Additional Functionality of the Game from the Company.
3.7. The User is not allowed to sublicense, sell or otherwise transfer ownership of PLC and Chips for money or exchange them for external provision of any kind outside the Game. Any such transfer of transfer attempt is forbidden and invalid and entails disabling of your Account and (or) termination of your Access to the Game and other Game Resources.


4.1. Online poker rules and game manual can be found at our website at:


When using the Game Resources, you agree to comply with the following Rules of Conduct.
5.1. General terms of virtual communication with other users:
When posting any materials, data, comments, messages, information and references to any of the above (hereinafter in this section - "Content") in chats or other virtual spaces designed for informational interaction, you agree:
  • not to transfer or publish erotic or pornographic content;
  • not to transfer or publish any content that, in the Company's opinion, is offensive for other users and can equally harm business reputation or morally damage third parties;
  • not to transfer or publish illegal, harmful, dangerous or indecent Content, as well as Content containing information that discriminates other persons on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, religious ideologies, sexual orientation and other grounds;
  • not to transfer or publish Content that is aimed at advertising or promoting any goods or services;
  • not to transfer or publish Content that contains personal details or confidential data of any person;
  • not to use bots or other automated methods to collect information about users;
  • not to disturb, threaten, stalk, embarrass, cause stress of, impose communication, force attention or cause discomfort of other users by any other means.
5.2. Conditions for choosing user names in the Game:
The Users are not allowed to use the following designations as User Names in the Game:
  • offensive or coarse words inciting ethnic discord and discrimination, and words and phrases that include cursing or swearing in any language drawn up with letters of any language;
  • personal names and other words used in religions and cults, the use of which can wound religious feelings;
  • names of historical figures and politicians;
  • words and phrases that are directly or indirectly associated with drugs, means of cooking, using or purchasing drugs;
  • words and phrases that cam make other user mistakenly think that the user registered under such name is a representative of the Company or is directly or indirectly related to it, or has any rights to administer the Game Resources;
  • unpronounceable combinations of letter;
  • words and phrases containing advertisement of goods and services, including any domain names or trademarks;
  • words and phrases that violate third-party rights (including, among other types, intellectual property rights) or requirements of the applicable legislation.


6.1. SOFTWARE MODIFICATIONS. The user has no rights to attempt modification, de-compilation, de-translation or breakdown of the Software.
6.2. INDIVIDUAL USE. The rights to use the Game are provided to the User exclusively for the purpose of individual use by the User in entertainment purposes and not for gambling; therefore, the game shall not be used by you or any other User for any financial benefit or any other financial advantages by any means. The User shall present full and authentic information in relation to all details and information provided by the User; at the same time, the User shall update the information provided to us in case of any changes of such information.
6.3. COLLISION. Collision between two users by disclosing closed cards or by other means is strictly forbidden. The Company reserves the right, in addition to other measures, to restrict the seating and (or) ban the Users from playing at a certain poker table or in a tournament, including banning two or more Users from participating in a joint game at the same table or within the same tournament. Moreover, we reserve the right to consider any collision between Users as material violation of these Rules; subsequently, the Company shall be entitled to disable Account of the User, if the User participates or attempts to participate in any such activity, regardless of whether the attempt is successful.
6.4. EXTERNAL AUXILIARY GAMING PROGRAMS. The Company forbids the use of external auxiliary gaming programs (EAGP) designed to provide unfair advantage to the players. The term "External" in this case is used to describe computer software (different from the Game) and not based on software means of data bases or profiles (e.g., websites or subscriber service). The Company uses the term "Unfair Advantage" to describe any situation, in which the User obtains access to information or collects information about other players, which is beyond the limits of the information personally obtained by the User during the process of the User's own game.
6.5. AUTOMATIC PLAYERS (BOTS) The use of artificial intelligence, including, among other things, bots, in connection with using the Game is strictly forbidden. All actions undertaken by the User in connection with using the Game shall be performed by the Users personally.
6.6. You acknowledge the fact that the Company is entitled to implement measures to detect and perform the use of prohibited external auxiliary gaming programs. These measures can include, among other things, the inspection of programs working simultaneously with our Software on the User's mobile device. You agree not to take any actions or attempts to bypass, interfere with or block implementation of such measures, including, among other things, the use of third-party software that bypasses, interferes with or blocks such measures.
6.7. CHIP DUMPING. Chip dumping takes place when a user deliberately loses a hand in order to deliberately transfer his chips to another User. Any User who transfer or attempts to transfer his chips to another User when using the Service, can be banned from using the Service on a constant basis, and his account can be disabled immediately. In this case, the Company will not be responsible for compensating for any chips that can be present at the User's gaming account at the moment.
6.8. DECEPTION. In the event where the Company believes that the User participated or tried to participate in fraudulent, unlawful, illegal or unfair activities when using the Game, including, among other things, participating in any type of the activities specified above, or in any other illegal in-game manipulations, the Company is entitled to take any measures that it deems necessary, including:
  • immediately blocking the access of such Player to the Game;
  • confiscating all Chips present at the Player's account;
  • deletion of the User's account,
  • other measures provided by the legislation and Regulatory documents.
6.9. On issues associated with using the Game, as well as on the issues of execution of the Regulatory Documents, please e-mail at or send a mail to the address of the Company: 220131, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Gamarnika Street, 30, room 415.
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