Total Poker

The most technologically advanced Poker experience on mobile
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Fair Game

Thanks to mental poker and totally decentralized server you ensure the game is fair by playing Total Poker.

Easy Withdrawals

You’re completely in control of your funds. Enjoy immediate transfers with no commission and no blocks possible.

One-hand Control

We’ve designed a user-friendly interface with simple one-hand control to let you win anywhere, anytime.

No Rake "to the House"

We eliminate costly servers, so the whole rake is paid to the room holders who make playing poker possible. It means reallocation of 100% of funds between players.

Open your Room

Everybody can easily open a room on our platform and earn from players’ rake. Our decentralized architecture will keep it fair and transparent.


We don’t ask for your personal data. The registration process is extremely easy.

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Safety of your funds
Playing poker has never been so secure

Thanks to the fact, that Total Poker has no access to your wallet and currency, you can enjoy the benefits coming along with playing Total Poker:

  • Immediate transfers
  • No commission
  • No blocks possible
  • No limitations for withdrawals

Getting started is easy

1.Download (App Store&Google Play)

2.Create an account

3.Buy PKC

4.Win big

Our team


Alexey Meleshkevich

Founder of Melsoft Games with an impressive range of over 20 projects in background.


Roman Serdyukov

Experienced engineer with over 15 years in development of successful games and software for high-frequency trading on stock exchanges.


Oleg Pavlov

One of the best art directors in CIS with 13+ years of experience in mainly casual game dev.

Software Engineer

Alexander Lutsein

Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in development of games for PC and slot machines.


Diana Mager

Enthusiastic marketing professional with experience as Marketing Product Manager of mobile games with over 40 mln players in total.


Valery Samalazau

Engineer with more than 8 years’ experience across multiple industries including Game Development, Consulting and Publishing.

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